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Impact K9 is currently taking a break from accepting new clients to focus on advancing our breeding prospects' training and work with rescues! We apologize for any inconveniences. If you or a loved one might be interested in a trained rescue dog, feel free to contact us for info. In the meantime, stay tuned, -switches to Arnold Schwarzenegger voice- we'll be back....

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About ImpactK9 Training

Having Fido issues? Then you're probably looking for a dog trainer who will get the job done right. Not an inexperienced wannabe (and oh lord, in this unregulated industry, there are many), not someone who's going to yank your dog around so they are too scared to misbehave, but a true animal behaviorist. Impact K9 is a group of dog lovers who offer EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE obedience dog training that works for ANY dog, a how-to dog training blog, and our true passion and specialty...our high-end, police-grade (yes, you read right), child-loving family protection dogs.
Impact K9 also occasionally offers german shepherd puppies & belgian malinois puppies for sale, dog rehabilitation training, professional pet grooming, competition dog training, detection dog training, k9 police dog detection & patrol dog training, & guard dogs for sale.

Featured Training Services

Protection Dogs & Guard Dog for Sale in Atlanta, GA

ELITE Personal Protection Dogs, family protection dogs, our less expensive bark protection dogs, & businesses/home/premises guard dogs & security dogs in Atlanta, GA.

Dog Training in Atlanta, GA

Wish you'd never have to stress over your dog's bad behavior again? It's a closer reality than you think! All you have to do is shoot us an email at

Sport Dog & Working Dog Training in Atlanta, GA

Interested in competing with Fido? Are you a dog handler looking to get your furry side kick trained? Read more about our epic sport dog & working dog training in the training services tab.

German Shepherd Puppies & Belgian Malinois Puppies for Sale

Impact K9 offers world class sport dog, working dog, & personal protection dog prospect German Shepherd puppies & Belgian Malinois puppies in Atlanta, GA. We're so confident of your satisfaction we offer a PUPPY REPLACEMENT or MONEY BACK guarantee!